Wickenby night ccv

Saturday, October 27, 2018 @ 4:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Wickenby airfield
Lincoln LN3 5AX

Night CCV

Sponsored by Famous Four – 2018 ccv championship sponsors


27th October 2018

CofC’s – Jon Sharpe and Tracey Davison

After returning last year after a 10 year break, we have gained permission to repeat this unique trialling experience. All sections will run on the Saturday and consist of 2/3 warm up sections in daylight followed by up to 10 sections in the dark .
Rules: These rules are in addition to the normal CCV rules specified in the ARC yearbook

1) All drivers must supply their own torch for walking the course.
2) A fluorescent jacket MUST be worn by all drivers, navigators and marshals whenever they are out of a vehicle.
3) Up to 6 forward facing lights may be fitted, all must be forward of the driver and fixed and not moveable by the driver or passenger while competing.
4) LED lights will count as 1 per 150mm (6”) rounded up, so a 2 foot bar counts as 4 lamps.
5) Torches must be switched off and stored safely when driving.
6) All rear lights ( 4 max, 1 min) must be red and 21 watt.
7) Reversing lights can only be used when operated by a gearbox switch.

Times:​Scrutineering​ 3 pm
​ First section ​4 pm (no break this year)

Q class motors are allowed

Cost £25

Marshals are required please – More the merrier to help with the darkness.

Camping will be available on Friday and Saturday night. There is no water or facilities.

further details contact
David Summerfield 07969982727

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