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Linking Lincolns Sat 8th Feb 2020

February 8 @ 9:30 am - 3:00 pm


2014 was a life changing year for me.                          
From what I thought were symptoms of a common bout of the ‘flu, i.e. aching joints, lower back pain and feeling generally lousy turned out to be a tad more severe.
A trip to Walk-in Care in Burlington, Vermont changed all of those thoughts and within 72 hours heard the new to me words “ You have Multiple Myeloma”.
Up until this time, I was unaware of the disease or the implications and impact it would have on my life and those around me.
I had been complaining to my G.P. for several years of severe lower back pain (I found out I had compression fractures) many colds and itchy skin. All signs of Multiple Myeloma leading to acute kidney failure. Neither my G.P. nor I considered this diagnosis.
So, with this in mind having initial chemo treatments and a stem cell transplant behind me,
I feel as if I have been given a second chance to spread the word and make more people aware of early detection, correct diagnosis and effective treatment of this currently incurable blood cancer.
Know and respect your body, get checked, understand the results of any blood work, ask for a 2nd opinion and don’t ever get fobbed off.
The Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation is fully alert and aware that Multiple Myeloma is currently incurable, with further research it is anticipated that a cure can be found.

My interest for many years has been the Land Rover marque, making a hobby into a career that has taken me from my native UK to settle in USA.
In 1983 I founded the Lincolnshire Land Rover Club, one of the many Clubs in UK that are aligned to the Land Rover marque.
Most of my immediate family are still in the Lincoln, UK area, so it is there that my trip of “Linking Lincoln’s” (there is a”link” in nearly all of the USA States) begins, as did my own journey.
However, due to the distances involved and being realistic about my own current health, I’ve been advised to tone down the journey and thus Link the Lincoln’s in North Eastern USA, starting Sunday May 31st 2020, in Lincolnville, ME, meandering through New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Massachusetts,
Rhode Island, New Jersey and ending up at the Lincoln Memorial, in MD after the launch in Lincoln, UK, Friday February 7th/ Saturday 8th.
A Lincoln Imp Talisman is going to accompany us on the journey, with copies of the Imp to be left at any stops to be made with an accompanying citation about the ethos of the event.
To enhance the “Links” and with a view to my own journey, Land Rovers are the vehicles of choice, with each vehicle in attendance being at least 20 years old.
This would maintain the 20-20 theme, 20/20 hindsight is always good!
The thought of compiling and completing this event has been a driving force in keeping my own emotions in check, knowing that spreading the word could save others from
experiencing the unknown and the feeling of hopelessness has been paramount in seeing this event jell and come together.

Thanks to all who have assisted in getting it this far.  Les Parker Member No 1.





February 8
9:30 am - 3:00 pm